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We are a group of freelance website designers and developers, creatives, copywriters, graphic designers, content creators, and business practitioners based in Dubai. We help small-medium startups and large businesses make an impact online with a bespoke website tailored to their needs. We provide INTEGRATED VALUE-UNIQUE SERVICES—complete visual identity designs, logo design, choice of fonts and colors, content writing and copywriting, and full-service digital solutions.

Our Services We Provide World Class Solutions for small-medium size startups and Large Corporate Businesses

NEOX is a digital, web design, development, and strategy consulting services group based in Dubai, UAE. NEOX bridges strategic thinking, creativity, and content to transform businesses and grow through a digital marketing communication platform. We view clients as creative partners.

Together, we transform digital platforms through the fusion of diverse ideas. 

We make brands, websites, and friends

Need to give your website a bit more WOOHOO?

Website Development

Then you are in the right place. We are passionate, creative web designers and web developers, marketing communications, and business practitioners. We can help you build a strategically crafted and visually appealing website to help you stand out online. We have developed websites for clients in various sectors - corporate websites for private equity, energy, investment, project development, and eCommerce organizations. We can customize any design to fit your style and professional or business needs.


Decisive Impact. Dynamic Concept. Value-Unique Strategies.


We are in a NEW AGE, a NEW NORMAL that demands NEW RULES, a NEW APPROACH to building strength to weather our storm, and focusing on winning again in the NEXT NORMAL. Events that transpired would typically incapacitate don’t need to give us pause. We help clients improve performance and position themselves for success today and in the new normal by evaluating how their internal and external changes affect progress toward their strategic goals.


We work differently than most website developers, and we don't just turn out multiple designs at you and hope you like one. We first learned who you are and how you got started. It's a simple fact that our clients invest a lot in us, and it only makes sense that we're doing the same for them. 


What is the idea? What is your story?


First, we want to know how you got started, your story, what you’re currently doing, and where you’re heading. So, grab a coffee, tea, or beer and chat. It is the time to share your vision (what you want to become). We come in with many questions, but the questions are just there to help guide the conversation along.


Decisive Impact. Dynamic Concept. Create. Tell. Sell.


After the interview, we will have what we need to start on the design side, and we’ll make our way through two significant rounds of revision that will put us in place for a successful site build. Communication, design, and development work will happen through this stage. We will establish an open communication channel to keep us all abreast with the progress.


Bespoke originality, responsive design, and optimized website


As the project ends, we typically wait for any remaining contact or instructions to complete the site. We maintain bespoke originality, responsive design and optimized the website for any device and interface. Your new website will attract desirable target audiences, boost engagement, drive sales, and increase the brand value of your business.Once the pages have been populated, we do the final cleanup and polish. We also provide detailed training so nobody is left in the dark before the site has been successfully launched.

Working with us relies heavily on trust, professionalism, and letting us do what we do best. So, the process would first go through a deep interview to fully understand your needs within the website’s structure and visuals. Because every one of our clients needs something different, let us build the site you need, not what someone else needs.

Our Partners Proud to Work With The Best

We create world-class websites using modern design practices. Mobile-first websites and web experiences are essential to the success of our web projects. We maintain bespoke originality, and our team will focus on responsive design and optimize your website for any device and interface. Your new website will attract desirable target audiences, boost engagement, drive sales, and increase the brand value of your business.

NEOX offers a wide range of business needs and can help you to work smarter and reach your goals. Please look at the professional services NEOX offers, and let’s talk.

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We create beautiful, engaging, and responsive websites to enhance your brand and offer the best experience possible to your customers.

site builds

Decisive Impact. Dynamic Concept.


Companies must strike the right balance between generating value for the customer and value for the business. Information is everywhere, experiences are integrated across channels, and individuals expect immediate customized responses. 

business coaching

Does your Company needs business coaching?

business coaching

The business landscape continues to evolve. Many companies have great products, services, and a noble mission—and many take corporate citizenship seriously. neoX provides value-unique integrated services and helps clients transform their brands into a single-minded vision, create powerful media assets, and have a competitive campaign based on a proposition that offers people real value for their time and money. You’re in it for good. We’ll let the world know.

strategy consulting

Bespoke originality, responsive design, and optimized website

strategy consulting

In the experience age, we help clients use the most important digital trends and tools to integrate strategy, customer insight and analytics, experience design, and technology. We offer many business needs and can help you work smarter and reach your goals.

Let’s write the history of your company together.

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Does your Company need a new website or business coaching? We are always ready to help you—message us on WhatsApp or Messenger. Give us a call or send us an email. Choose what suits you the most. We can guarantee a high-quality service centered around a thorough methodological approach and expert knowledge of the sectors in which we operate.

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