My Plans For 2022 and Beyond

Personal goals for 2022 and beyond

2020-2021 was not a great year for me. However, I was able to work with some fantastic people and learned a lot in my industry.

In this post, I would like to go over some of my future goals and personal projects that I’ll be working on for the rest of 2021 and throughout the coming year. One of the upcoming features of my site excites me to be able to help out my clients with good reads about tips and tricks of doing business and anything under the sun.

Below are some of my personal goals that I would like to try and build into my daily life this year and in the coming new year, 2022.

  • Work on managing work stress and don't let it have such an impact on my personal life
  • Write more blog posts and keep a more active site
  • Keep improving and adding more unique and custom features to my site
  • Read more developer and design blogs to keep up with Industry standards
  • Live a more active and healthier lifestyle
  • Travel, Travel, and More Travel
  • Visit Sam & Serge in 2022

Upcoming blog posts

As I said above, one of my goals in the coming year is to write more blog posts and drive more active users to my site. Below you can get an idea of some of the blog posts that I’ll be working on in the upcoming months.

  • Elementor/Elementor Pro tips & helpful information
  • Product reviews
  • Industry tips & news
  • Progress on personal projects
  • Personal achievements
  • My story into this industry
  • A giveaway event in 2022 (thoughts or ideas are welcome, please comment below)

Why choose me for your web design?

“My mission is not to keep turning out projects but to create meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients.”

There’s something to be said about working with passionate business owners that truly love what they do. I’m no different. I started my freelance business because I honestly love coming to work every day to create something beautiful that can impact others.

Being in the Dubai area, I want to see my local businesses thrive. Often, your website is your online storefront, main sales generator, and people’s first impression of you. If it’s not any of those, then it should be. With so many local businesses having outdated sites and a lack of marketing resources, there’s immense growth potential being wasted that I cannot ignore.

My mission is not to keep turning out projects but to create meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients. It would be best to focus on running the business you’re passionate about and not dealing with the stresses of having an outdated website. I take the time to learn about you as a company to understand how to help you have a successful and helpful website.

My focus is Elementor/Elementor Pro WordPress development

I have been developing WordPress Websites with Elementor Pro and work exclusively with that platform. In a nutshell, Elementor Pro Elementor Pro is an extension of Elementor, which empowers you with vast professional tools that speed up your workflow and design. Elementor Pro main points are: Theme Builder lets you customize every part of your theme; Visually design forms and integrate them seamlessly; Professional templates and blocks; Key professional widgets and features.

Passion led me here, which is why I have decided to refocus my efforts and set up shop in Dubai. This allows me to work directly with local clients to build trusting relationships for years to come as they grow.


Dr. Xanthie

I’m a WordPress, Elementor Pro, UI/UX Designer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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Final Thought

I want to thank all my visitors to my website and my viewers/readers for keeping me motivated and passionate about who I am and what I do in my industry.

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