Create your Yes

“There is no precise road map to success, but you can be 100% confident that rejection will undoubtedly find a path to you. Just don’t let it block the intersection of your dreams taking flight.”

" I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity. "
Dr. Xanthie
UI / UX Designer

We believe that the most creative ideas are the SIMPLEST.

Our Story

neoX CREATIVE is a Digital House with a core focus on DIGITAL LANDSCAPE of doing Business – strategy, creative, content, design, website development, marketing, and digital commerce. We are a band of digital professionals, strategic thinkers, creative, marketing communications specialists, and business practitioners.

Our team specializes in creating startling, innovative ideas that generate results. We combine our expertise and experience to help clients create change that matters. We make what we love.

"If your business is not in the internet, then you will be out of business."

We are our client's biggest champions

We find surprising yet natural solutions to complex questions in doing businesses. We provide a holistic suite of market-leading services, from website design and development to custom-made content experiences, digital marketing, and innovative eCommerce solutions.

We offer our clients a single-minded proposition, competitive contents based on the proposition giving people real value for their time and money.


We pride ourselves in hiring those with best-in-class expertise to ensure we continue to drive innovation, while delivering the high quality solutions for our clients.
Do you like to work at NEOX?
Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has shaped our values. We look forward to welcoming you to the team.​

It doesn’t happen very often, but we have a few vacancies. 

"Creating great advertising is about finding the argument that you cannot refute, and transforming it into an offer you cannot refuse."


What would the world be like if companies put user needs first?

NEOX CREATIVE was founded in an attempt to answer this question.

Our industries are shaped by uncertainties and advanced technological changes. However, these changes have demonstrated that industries change and lives are improved when design, technology, and communications come together to solve problems for people. Having said that, we have built a company of experts with diverse backgrounds who believe technology should be used to deliver better services and experiences for people. We give them the freedom to make things that matter, working alongside colleagues they respect. 

We are a company that prizes entrepreneurialism and embraces constant change. We have established five perspectives to help us define the way we work:

5 ways

Be honest.

Don’t be afraid to say what you think. Strong teams are built on different perspectives.


Embrace the unknown.

The future is unknown, but you can ready for it.


Take chances.

You can’t be right until you know what’s wrong.


Ideas over egos.

Listen to others and save your energy for what matters.


Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

The most creative ideas are the simplest.


In addition to the positions listed in our job section, we are always open to conversations with talented individuals who share the passion and innovation that differentiates us from the rest.
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